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Don't Be Afraid, Paranoid Disorders Can Be Overcome

Psychotherapy is the first and foremost step in treating paranoid disorders or delusional disorders. In addition to psychotherapy, paranoid disorders can be treated in other ways, namely by using drugs. The conditions of people with paranoid disorders or delusional disorders vary. Some live in their own delusions, others can still socialize. One thing that needs to be underlined is that this disorder is a serious mental health disorder. Symptoms of Paranoid Disorders People with paranoid or delusional disorders always feel that someone will cheat, lie, follow from behind, or plan to harm themselves. As another symptom, someone with a paranoid disorder tends to be irritable, sad, or offended. Patients may also experience hallucinations, such as hearing sounds or smelling something that isn't really there. Psychotherapy To cure personality disorders such as paranoid disorders, doctors usually do psychotherapy. This therapy can include the role of the patient's family. T
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Exercise When Menstruation Increases Pain

Exercise is sometimes thought to exacerbate menstrual pain. But the fact is not like that. Exercise during menstruation or not, both have good benefits for the body. During menstruation, there are usually a variety of physical and emotional disorders that often make women forced to miss work or go to school. Starting from headaches, muscle and joint pain, mood changes, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, breast pain, acne, flatulence, to cramps. Exercise does not worsen menstrual pain Research shows that exercise before or during menstruation does not affect the severity of menstrual pain. On the contrary, exercise during menstruation is believed to be effective in preventing pain when menstruation is getting worse. When exercising, our body releases endorphins. This hormone is often known as human natural morphine. The result, menstrual pain is gone or at least reduced. Not only menstrual pain, endorphins are also thought to be effective in relieving cramps due to uterine muscle c

Breast Lumps and Tumors Are Not Naturally Cancer

Do not be afraid if you find a lump around the breast. Not all breast lumps indicate cancer. In many cases, these lumps are non-cancerous breast tumors that are generally harmless. Benign breast tumors also form lumps in the breast. This condition occurs when there are breast cells that develop abnormally and quickly. However, not all breast lumps are malignant tumors or breast cancer. There are several causes of breast lumps that are far more common than cancer. Breast lumps can have the following characters: Solid lumps that do not move like dried fruit Lumps as large as soft, fluid-filled wine can move Small lumps as big as peas Types and Causes of Lumps In general, breast lumps can be caused by several things as follows: Fibroadenoma Is the most common benign tumor in the breast. Fibroadenomas generally do not feel painful, and when touched they feel round, dense, springy, and can shift. This benign tumor is most commonly experienced by women aged 20-30 years. Fibr

Review the Truth of Vitamin C Injections

One of the benefits of injecting vitamin C that is known to the public is that it can make skin appear whiter. If you also believe that, it's good to know the facts behind the injection of vitamin C first. Vitamin C injections do have health benefits, although the benefits of vitamin C injections in whitening skin still require further research. But keep in mind, behind the benefits, there are also dangers that lurk if injecting vitamin C is given in excessive doses. For this reason, it's important to understand the benefits of vitamin C injections and how to use them. What is a Vitamin C injection? Intake of vitamin C into the body can be through the consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin C, supplements, or can also be injected with vitamin C. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the important nutrients the body needs. Vitamin C is included as an antioxidant whose job is to protect the damage to body cells due to exposure to free radicals. Liquid asc

The Heart Also Has Age

Who would have thought someone's age calculated from birth could be different from the age of his heart. Aging in the heart can increase the risk of death from heart attack and stroke. Our current heart age can be calculated based on body mass index profiles, biological age, history of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, history of smoking habits, and family history of heart disease. For example, now we are 53 years old, but because we suffer from high blood pressure and have a smoking habit, it could be the age of our heart 75 years. Causes of rapid heart aging There are various factors that can make the heart's age older than our actual age. Anything? Smoking habit Stop smoking right now. Smoking is proven to invite heart disease and stroke. One study found that the heart of a former smoker could be 14 years younger than when he was still smoking. Diabetes Normal blood sugar ranges from 70-100 mg / dL if examined after fasting. But for people w

Make no mistake, there are many ingredients and benefits of pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is loved by many people. In addition to its delicious taste, pineapple also has a variety of ingredients and benefits in it. One of the most common benefits of pineapple is that it can reduce inflammation and swelling. Getting the benefits of pineapple does not always mean you have to eat the fruit directly. You can also enjoy pineapple by making pineapple juice, pudding, or fruit salad. Nutrient Content in Pineapple Pineapple is a fruit that is loaded with vitamin C and manganese. One pineapple can provide more than the recommended daily amount of vitamin C and manganese. The benefits of vitamin C in pineapple are closely related to the process of growth, and repair of tissues throughout the body. Meanwhile, the benefits of manganese in pineapple, can help in preventing osteoporosis and relieve various symptoms of bone disease. In addition, pineapple also contains bromelain, an enzyme that is studied can reduce inflammation and swelling, such

Getting to know the intestine and its prevention

Intestine is caused by a combination of pressure in the abdominal cavity and abdominal muscle weakness. This condition occurs when the intestine presses on a weak part of the muscles or connective tissue around it, then descends into an improper part of the body. Intestine can also be referred to as a hernia. Although it can occur to anyone, this condition is more often experienced by men over the age of 40 years. Can be marked with a bulge that can arise in the pubic bone area, groin, navel, or scrotum. It can also be accompanied by a burning sensation, burning, or pain. Various Causes of Intestine Down Intestine can occur quickly, but it can also occur gradually and slowly, depending on the cause. Although the main cause of the intestine is not clearly known, but there are several factors that may increase the risk of developing bowel, including: Frequent strenuous activities. Chronic coughing or sneezing that can compress the intestine. Diarrhea or constipation. Excessive